Lauren Deters, Ph.D.

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Lauren Deters

Lauren Deters, Ph.D. is a Research Associate with edCount, specializing in quantitative and qualitative data analysis. Ms. Deters serves as Deputy Project Director on the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment – Alternate in science and social studies assisting with project management tasks and technical documentation. She also supports the development and updating of current protocols and manuals for The Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center for Education for the Deaf Act (EDA) regulations implementation. Ms. Deters also serves as a content specialist for a project to develop summative assessments in ELA and math for the New York State Department of Education, where she facilitated Mathematics educator item writer trainings and manages item development databases.

Ms. Deters served as a project analyst for the National Center and State Collaborative (NCSC) grant, where she was responsible for research design, data analysis, and facilitation of focus groups. She also assisted in developing research designs, facilitating panels, analyzing data, and writing reports for several NCSC alignment studies. Ms. Deters also worked on the alignment evaluation of the Georgia Milestones Assessments in ELA, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies where she facilitated expert panels, managed and analyzed data, and created final reports.

Ms. Deters has expertise in survey design and implementation, program evaluation, statistical analysis, data management, and classical test and item response theories. In her previous work as a statistical consultant, Ms. Deters contracted with departments of education to provide support in multivariate data analysis and factor analysis in the evaluation and implementation of assessments. As a graduate assistant working toward her Ph.D. at UNC Greensboro, Ms. Deters conducted school visits, interviews, classroom observations, and data analysis to support a program targeting underprivileged schools. Ms. Deters holds a M.S. in Educational Research Methodology from The University of North Carolina (UNC) Greensboro, where she is also a doctoral candidate in Educational Research Methodology.