Charlene Turner, B.S.

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Charlene Turner Charlene Turner is a Senior Associate and Assessment Specialist with edCount, LLC. Ms. Turner brings with her over 30 years of experience in education as a state alternate assessment director, special education teacher, and researcher. During her tenure at edCount, Ms. Turner has contributed significantly to projects related to development of innovative assessment designs and curriculum and instructional resources as well as professional development for educators and instructional leaders. Currently, Ms. Turner plays a key role in assessment and curriculum development projects serving as a Senior Project Advisor and Assessment Specialist in multiple states. In Mississippi, she is leading the facilitation of stakeholder meetings and collaborating with the Department of Education to develop and implement an innovative alternate assessment system in English language arts, mathematics, and science. In Tennessee, she is leading the development of a coherent assessment framework and instructional resources in multiple grades and content areas for students with significant cognitive disabilities. Recently in California, Ms. Turner co-led the development of the California Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Core Content Connectors for use with the California NGSS Alternate Assessment Program.

Formerly, Ms. Turner served as Senior Curriculum Advisor and Alternate Assessment Specialist for the National Center and State Collaborative (NCSC) General Supervision Enhancement Grant. As a senior member of the Leadership Team, she assisted with the development of ELA and mathematics curriculum and instructional resource materials and the development of core content connectors. Ms. Turner also supported the implementation and coordination of validity evaluation including technical documentation of project activities related to assessment, instructional resource development, and professional development. She served as a liaison to coordinate communications and implementation of the project’s alternate assessment system and related activities with multiple partner organizations, states, entities, and testing vendors. Ms. Turner has also served as a facilitator, panelist, and developer of materials and technical documentation of alignment studies for general and alternate assessments of English Language Arts, mathematics, social studies, and science for various entities including the Clerc Center/Gallaudet University, NCSC, and state departments of education.

Prior to joining edCount, Ms. Turner served as an educator, co-teacher, and Literacy Education Consultant in elementary, middle, and high schools to support effective instruction of special education students in self-contained, resource, and inclusive settings. She served as the Director of Alternate Assessment for the Wyoming Department of Education and was responsible for the development, implementation, and improvement of the Wyoming Alternate Assessment System including standards, instruction, and assessment. In addition, Ms. Turner has participated in multiple Enhanced Assessment Grants, co-authored papers and briefs, and presented at state and national conferences.