Aisha Cooper, B.A.

Aisha Cooper, B.A. is an Administrative Assistant at edCount, LLC, where she manages company finances and accounts. Ms. Cooper acts as accounting assistant in charge of invoicing, vendor tracking, and reimbursements. Ms. Cooper is responsible for the implementation of company-wide travel, as well as meeting and event planning for both internal and external company events. Ms. Cooper conducts orientation and training of new hires on company software and manages company technology and equipment. Ms. Cooper also manages RFP and bid database searches in order to create strategic alliances and company work opportunities.

Ms. Cooper received a B.A. in International Relations from Spelman College in 2014. During her undergraduate studies, Ms. Cooper worked for the USDA as an Office and Portfolio Manager Assistant, marketing HR-IT enterprise solutions. After graduation, Ms. Cooper worked as a Special Assistant to the CEO of The Baltimore Renaissance, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, where she was responsible for strategic business development tactics. Ms. Cooper also worked as a Customer Service Representative at Brandham Automotive in Alexandria, Virginia. Ms. Cooper joined edCount in 2018.