Assessment System Design and Evaluation

Assessment systems only provide meaningful results if they are valid for the purpose for which they are being used. Validity is not determined by a number or by a single study or single type of study. Several pieces of evidence must be taken together to provide support for a valid assessment system. For state and local clients that wish to develop or evaluate and improve their assessment systems, edCount offers a variety of services designed to result in meaningful, actionable information for the stakeholders in the system.

edCount assists state and local clients and partners to design and implement comprehensive assessment systems that embed tests within a larger framework involving instruction, assessment design, administration, scoring, reporting, and use. We assist our clients to develop strategies that are comprehensive and serve the needs of students, teachers, administrators, schools, and districts. We help our partners to interpret evaluation results and consider an appropriate course of action – sometimes the evaluation marks the beginning of the questioning process, rather than the end.

edCount @Work

edCount Collaborates with Measurement, Inc to Develop the LEAP Connect Assessments in ELA, Mathematics, and Science

In 2018, edCount and its partner, Measurement Incorporated, were awarded a five-year contract to develop and support the administration of the Louisiana LEAP Connect Assessment System for Students with Cognitive Disabilities in ELA, mathematics, and science. This work includes the development of assessment frameworks and items, item content and bias reviews, field testing, test form development, data reviews, standards validation, and technical reporting. edCount has completed an item bank analysis, development of assessment guides with sample test items and item development style guides, item and test form development for the 2020 operational assessment, support and guidance for scoring and reporting of writing performance task items, and technical documentation for the assessment system.

edCount and ETS Support the Test Development for the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program Alternate in Science and Social Studies

From 2015 to the present, edCount has been working with the Educational Testing Service to support item and test form development for the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program’s science and social studies alternate assessments. This collaboration includes, but is not limited to, assessment design and development, curricular support via content module development, and development of alternate assessment items for both content areas using a principled-design approach with tiers of item families.

edCount Partners with Questar Assessment to Support Test Development for the New York State Testing Program

edCount worked with Questar Assessment, Inc. from 2015-20 to support assessment development for the New York State Education Department in grades 3-8 in ELA and mathematics. edCount conducted item-and test-level reviews, facilitated the design and implementation of virtual item writing trainings and in-person item writing workshops with educators, completed content reviews of educator-developed test items to ensure alignment to the New York State Next Generation English Language Arts and Mathematics Learning Standards, and provided overall assessment advising to determine the alignment between the academic content standards and test items, blueprints, and operational forms. edCount is also provided support to study, validate, and document critical elements of test development.