Clerc Center Transition to Common Core State Standards: Gap Analysis, Transition Planning, Instructional Alignment, and Professional Learning

Beginning in 2012, edCount assisted the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center in their transition to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), supporting the development of curricular and professional learning resources to help educators integrate the new standards into practice. 

When the Clerc Center first adopted the CCSS, edCount conducted a gap analysis and created a summary of differences between the Clerc Center’s previous standards and the CCSS. edCount and the Clerc Center collaborated to identify key priorities and timelines for curriculum changes and additions, and designed a multi-year implementation schedule for the new academic content standards. edCount also identified or developed CCSS implementation tools and resources to support the Clerc Center's transition.

During this transition, edCount helped to redesign a comprehensive curricula in reading, mathematics, and science for grades K-12 at the Clerc Center, to include ancillary materials such as scope and sequence documents, curriculum maps, and pacing charts to support teachers’ implementation of the new curriculum. edCount staff worked closely with the Clerc Center community to ensure the development of appropriate materials for students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

Also during  this transition, edCount designed and led  a summer institute for teachers at the Clerc Center. The institute focused on the alignment of standard-based instruction to the rigorous CCSS and increased performance expectations. edCount also designed and delivered  a complementary professional learning strategy, emphasizing instructional leadership and teacher collaboration to examine, discuss, improve, and sustain effective content and pedagogical practices in schools and classrooms.