Application Review for Federal Competitions and Programs

edCount staff members serve regularly as peer reviewers for applications to federal grant competitions and programs. In this role, we work with other experts in the field to review and evaluate education agencies’ proposed responses to federal initiatives, and provide feedback to both states and the U.S. Department of Education (USED) on the content and quality of responses.  

Most recently, edCount staff participated in peer review for the 2017 Magnet Schools Assistance Program (MSAP). MSAP is a program that awards Local Education Agencies funding to develop and implement magnet schools. Peer reviewers read, scored, and provided written comments for the grant proposals. edCount staff have also served as peer reviewers for numerous other federal grant programs. edCount participated in the first federal peer review of states' evidence related to the implementation of the adjusted cohort graduation rate. edCount staff also served as peer reviewers on behalf of the USED Office of Elementary and Second Education (OESE) for the Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) competition. The TIF grant program supports efforts to develop and implement performance-based teacher and principal compensation systems in high-need schools. edCount staff have participated in the review of applications for State Longitudinal Data System Grants from the Institute for Education Sciences at the USED. In each case, edCount has reviewed and scored grant proposals from state education agencies or other education entities, and provided feedback to USED to inform critical funding decisions.