Providing Expert Testimony and Serving On Task Forces

edCount has provided technical advice and testimony to state-level policymakers in Wisconsin, Indiana, Delaware, Florida, and South Carolina to support their efforts to revise their assessment and accountability systems.

In Wisconsin, edCount's CEO and Chief Scientist, Dr. Ellen Forte, testified before a Commissioner of Education-appointed taskforce considering the redesign of the statewide assessment system. In Indiana, edCount guided the State Board of Education through reconceptualization of the statewide assessment system by providing expert testimony, developing the structure for organizing and evaluating evidence related to system design, and creating protocols for gathering stakeholder input. In Delaware, edCount provided technical and policy advice for the Governor's Taskforce that created a new blueprint for an assessment system that would support large-scale accountability requirements as well as critical data to inform instruction. In South Carolina, edCount facilitated an advisory taskforce for the State Department of Education as it sought to redesign its accountability assessments.