Practice Areas

edCount’s practice areas reflect our commitment to improving the quality and accessibility of education for all students. We support federal, state, and local leaders in building and maintaining rigorous accountability systems, a cornerstone of the No Child Left Behind Act. To this end, we provide services that help our clients strengthen their standards, assessment, curriculum and instruction, and professional development and training practices, as well as the policies and systems that support them.

While edCount supports clients in meeting the needs of all students, we have a particular passion for, and expertise in, serving English learners and students with disabilities. Because of their unique needs, these student populations are often overlooked in policy debates as well as in practice. As a result, districts and states often require assistance in understanding, developing, implementing, and evaluating appropriate standards, assessment, and accountability systems for these students.

To support clients across our three practice areas, edCount staff draws upon a deep understanding of federal and state policy, research methodology and best practices, and personal experience with the challenges facing educators and policymakers at every level.