About edCount

At edCount, all of our work is driven by two key questions:
“What question are we trying to answer?
What problem are we trying to solve?”

edCount, LLC, is a woman-owned small business founded in 2003 by Ellen Forte, Ph.D. We are a trusted advisor to education agencies and practitioners, a dependable business partner to organizations and businesses, and a visionary thought-leader in the education field. We have provided direct and or advisory services to most states and US territories.

At edCount, we believe that quality teacher-student interactions are at the heart of any healthy education system. Whether we are serving one classroom or multiple states, all of our services focus ultimately on improving this central experience for all students and teachers.

To support federal, state, district, and school-level clients who are similarly committed to this vision and mission, we assist our clients in aligning instructional systems and building teacher and leader capacity, building quality assessment systems that support teaching and learning, and gathering data and sharing knowledge so that policy and practice may inform one another.

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1800 Diagonal Road, Suite 600 Alexandria, VA 22314

(202) 895-1502