Policy Analysis and Technical Assistance

Our professional interactions with practitioners, researchers, and policymakers in all corners of the education field give us a broad perspective and the capability to contribute to federal, multi-state, state, and district efforts to evaluate, improve, and respond to federal or state policies and initiatives.
We provide the following policy analysis and technical assistance services:
  • ESEA and IDEIA policy interpretation and implementation, including services for students with disabilities and English learners
  • Technical advisory committees (TACs)
edCount has a comprehensive view of how policies and programs impact and function in schools, districts, and states across the country. Our staff are:
  • Evaluators and policy analysts, deeply familiar with ESEA and related federal laws and policies;
  • Consultants with first-hand knowledge of the ways in which state and local education systems are interpreting and implementing reform; and
  • Educators with personal experience in classrooms, schools, and district and state education agencies, we understand how instruction, assessment, and accountability are inter-related and strive to assist all practitioners in contributing to student success.
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