Validity Evaluation and Technical Documentation

edCount specializes in applying an argument-based approach to validity evaluation, designed to help clients articulate and evaluate the meaning of their assessment scores in the context of their entire education system. We also develop clear and comprehensive technical documentation that clients can use to communicate information to stakeholders and to meet federal peer review requirements.
We provide the following test design and development services:
  • Alignment studies for academic assessments, alternate academic assessments, and English language proficiency assessments
  • Technical documentation for assessments and assessment systems, including documentation required for federal peer review
  • Validity studies for a wide range of assessment system components, including:
    • Standard-setting and cut score validation
    • Policy implementation and school culture
    • Cognitive laboratory and other small-scale item try-outs
    • Instructional use of assessment information
    • Evaluation of alternate assessment participation using the Learner Characteristics Inventory
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