Instructional Systems Design and Capacity Building

edCount provides high-quality, research-based technical assistance to state and local clients that wish to improve the alignment and delivery of classroom instruction, as well as the administrative processes that support it. Our instructional alignment and capacity building services focus on collaborating with stakeholders to create systemic resources such as curriculum, professional development materials, and supplemental tools to support teachers and administrators in their jobs. We strive to assist practitioners with their short- and long-term needs by building the capacity to continue to implement, grow, and evaluate such systems themselves.

Assessment Implementation and Evaluation

Assessment is a critical and necessary component of any education system, but not an end in itself. edCount’s core belief is that an assessment’s purpose must not be limited to obtaining a number or score. Rather, to be effective, an assessment must ultimately serve and support instruction. The assessment services we provide for state and local clients help them not only implement and improve assessment systems, but also to make decisions and interpretations in the context of a broader educational framework in which assessment is an important – but integrated – component. 

Policy Evaluation and Support

Our professional interactions with practitioners, researchers, and policymakers in all corners of the education field give edCount a comprehensive view of how policies and programs impact and function in schools, districts, and states across the country. This broad perspective makes us particularly capable of contributing to federal, multi-state, state, and district efforts to evaluate, improve, and respond to federal or state policies and initiatives.