Our Vision

We believe that all students have a fundamental right to a high-quality education and to a full array of life opportunities. Our obligation and goal as educators is to continuously improve the quality and accessibility of education for all students.
Our Belief Statement

At edCount, we believe that All Students Count. Every individual brings unique experiences, skill sets, and perspectives that work to advance our purpose: continuously improving the quality, fairness, and accessibility of education for all students.

We understand the immense opportunity we have as innovators in the educational assessment field and acknowledge that historical approaches to measurement have contributed to deeply ingrained systems of inequity for historically marginalized students. We believe that we have a responsibility to use our collective expertise to challenge those systems whenever, wherever, and however we can. We commit to working diligently to champion better solutions so that all students have ongoing opportunities to show what they know and can do.

We acknowledge that one’s environment directly impacts the quality of one’s work. As such, we commit to promoting a culture in which every person is treated with dignity, humanity, and respect. This will be accomplished by holding ourselves and each other accountable for developing and fostering diverse, inclusive teams, and making decisions equitably and transparently.

We are committed to building and fostering a workforce that reflects the diverse populations that we serve. Our work is improved when we seek input from those with differing backgrounds, experiences, and schools of thought. We acknowledge that by building our capacity around diversity, equity, and inclusion, we are better equipping ourselves to serve our clients and ALL of their students. We respect that diversity, equity, and inclusion are invaluable assets.

Our Values


We never compromise on matters of principle. Our commitment to our values is consistent across projects, time, and our professional and personal lives.


We believe that common ground becomes higher ground when it draws from uncommon perspectives. What makes each of us unique is what makes all of us strong.


We stand united in our commitment to improving education quality and accessibility for all students. Our goals warrant our collective strength.


We embrace opportunities to step forward and serve as guides, teachers, and partners. In every role, we reflect, model, and inspire excellence.


We are dedicated to our common goal of improving students’ lives through education. We manifest this in how we serve our clients and our communities.


We recognize that evidence can take many forms and that ideas are only solutions if they work in the real world. We are at once creative and practical, innovative yet mindful of the boundaries that matter.


We distinguish ourselves and our work by demanding quality of everything we do. There is no child who deserves less than this.


We aim to achieve solutions that are both effective and elegant. We engage ourselves, our colleagues, and our partners with dignity, respect, and good humor.

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