Practice Areas

edCount’s practice areas reflect our commitment to improving the quality and accessibility of education for all students. We support federal, state, and local leaders in building and maintaining rigorous assessment systems. To this end, we provide services that help our clients strengthen their standards, assessments, curricula and instructional resources, and professional development and training practices, as well as the policies and systems that support them. While edCount supports clients in meeting the needs of all students, we have a particular passion for, and expertise in, serving students with disabilities and English learners.

Our Contributions

The Administrator’s Guide to Federal Programs for English Learners — Second Edition

Our Contributions

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Strengthening Claims-based Interpretations and Uses of Local and Large-scale Science Assessment Scores (SCILLSS) Resources

Our Contributions

Evaluating the Validity of English Language Proficiency Assessments (EVEA) project

Standards, Assessment, and Accountability

We strive for coherence among goals and the means for achieving them through aligned instruction and assessment, whether working in a single classroom or with an entire state.

As evaluators and policy analysts, we are deeply familiar with the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 ESEA, each of its reauthorizations, and related federal laws and policies.

As consultants who have worked with nearly every state and the federal government, we have first-hand knowledge of how educators are interpreting and successfully implementing reforms.

And, as educators with personal experience in classrooms, schools, and district and state education agencies, we understand how instruction, assessment, and accountability are part of a contextualized system with student success at its core.

Students with Disabilities

Our team includes educators who have classroom and administrative experience working with students with disabilities as well as researchers with expertise in accessibility for students across the full range and diversity of the student population.

We adhere to all state and federal policies pertaining to the education of students with disabilities as well as research on effective instructional practices for this student population and the appropriate inclusion and accommodations for all students in education assessments.

English Learners

edCount is committed to supporting practitioners at all levels who help English learners (ELs) concurrently acquire English language proficiency and meet high academic standards. edCount has strong expertise in policies and practices for supporting ELs and the educational systems and individuals who serve them. We have contributed to a number of large- and small-scale evaluations of programs and policies for ELs and our CEO & Chief Scientist authored The Administrators’ Guide to Federal Programs for English Learners originally published in 2010 and again in revised form in 2017.

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