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The following resources were developed by the EVEA team during the 18-month funding period.
White Papers

These white papers address current critical issues in the field of English learner services and English language proficiency assessments.
The Use and Validity of Home Language Surveys in State ELP Assessment Systems

State Home Language Survey Policies

English Language Proficiency Assessment Foundations: External Judgments of Adequacy

Guidance for Developing a Technical Manual for English Language Proficiency Assessments (ELPA)

High School Graduation Policies Affecting English Learners: The Exit Exam

Exploring the Relationships between English Language Proficiency Assessments and English Language Arts Assessments


The following instruments were developed by EVEA partners and piloted in EVEA states. In each document, the instrument is preceded by an explanation of the assumption
being tested, and important considerations related to research design and sampling.

Creating Enhanced Home Language Survey Instruments

Survey on training for ELPA administration

Interview protocol for content-area teachers regarding the English language proficiency of students in their classroom

Focus group protocol for district administrators about identifying, placing, exiting, and monitoring English learners

Survey of district-level identification and placement procedures for English learners

Survey of teachers providing content instruction to English learners

Protocol for Analyses of Language Content of ELPA

Other Publications by the EVEA Team

Bailey, A.L. (2011). Lessons from Arizona’s EL Identification Struggle: How Revisions, Guidance Could Strengthen Process. NCLB Advisor, 6(4), 5-8.

Forte, E., & Faulkner-Bond, M. (December, 2010). English Learners and Civil Rights: Agency Enforcement Gets Tough. Title 1 Monitor, 15(12), 1-2.

Forte, E., & Faulkner-Bond, M. (April, 2011). NRC Recommends Blending Census Bureau, State Data For Allocating Title III Language Acquisition Grants. Title I Monitor, 16(4), 8-9.

Forte, E., & Faulkner-Bond, M. (July, 2011). English Language Proficiency Assessment Project Faces Gargantuan Challenges and Limited Funding. Title I Monitor, 16(7), 5-7.

The Administrator’s Guide to Federal Programs for English Learners

Presentations by the EVEA Team

Reynolds, Kelly, K., Bailey, A.L. & Forte, E. (Aug. 2010). Home Language Surveys in State English Language Proficiency Assessment Systems. Webinar presented to the Title III State Directors, for the Office for English Language Assessment, US Dept. of Education.

Forte, E., & Willhoft, J. (2010). Evaluating the Validity of English Language Proficiency Assessments: A Consortium Approach. Presentation at the National Conference on Student Assessment.

Bailey, A. (2010). The Role of the Research Partner in the EVEA Project: The State of Washington. Presentation at the National Conference on Student Assessment.

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