English Learners

English learners (ELs) represent a large and diverse proportion of the US student population. Serving ELs appropriately requires consideration of the many academic, linguistic, cultural, and contextual variables at play in these students’ lives. edCount is committed to supporting practitioners at all levels who help English learners concurrently acquire English language proficiency and meet high academic standards.

edCount has strong expertise in policies and practices for supporting English learners and the educational systems and individuals who serve them. We have contributed to a number of large- and small-scale evaluations of programs and policies for ELs and our CEO & Chief Scientist authored The Administrators’ Guide to Federal Programs for English Learners originally published in 2010 and again in revised form in 2017. Our staff and consultant pool includes several former English as a Second Language (ESL) or bilingual educators, as well as Title III administrators with experience at the state and local levels, and nationally-recognized researchers in this field.