Melissa Fincher, Ph.D.

Melissa Fincher, Ph.D., is a Managing Associate and guides edCount’s work in the assessment and accountability arena, including the alignment team. Dr. Fincher has worked in the field of assessment for over 30 years with experience in both university and K-12 settings. In her role as the Deputy Superintendent for Assessment and Accountability at the Georgia Department of Education, Dr. Fincher oversaw the development of all Georgia assessment and accountability programs. In this role, she was responsible for ensuring that these programs met high standards for technical defensibility. Some of her accomplishments include managing the redevelopment of all criterion-referenced assessments to comply with multiple state curriculum revisions. Dr. Fincher envisioned and lead the conceptualization and initial development of Keenville, an award-winning innovative game-based formative assessment for first and second grade students.

Dr. Fincher has served as the Principal Investigator in several grants and research projects, has presented at numerous professional conferences, and served on several national committees. Dr. Fincher continues to serve on the technical advisory committee for Puerto Rico and on the technical work and stakeholder groups for the National Center for Educational Outcomes, as well as a federal peer reviewer for state assessment systems for the US Department of Education.Dr. Fincher joined edCount in January of 2020.