In 2009, Dr. Elizabeth Summers (formerly Towles-Reeves), joined edCount as a Research Associate. Since then, she has led and assisted numerous local, regional, and national studies of general and alternate assessment systems, and served as coordinator or manager of various projects to improve, design, or redesign assessment systems. Her work has played a pivotal role in the development and evaluation of alternate assessment systems around the country.  Dr. Summers is currently the Project Director for multiple projects, including SCILLSS, a federally-funded, multi-state initiative to establish foundational resources aligned to the NGSS for enhanced science assessment systems. She also directs edCount’s work on the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program – Alternate Assessment, overseeing the assessment design, development, field testing, and the creation of content modules for educators. This new role is a recognition of Dr. Summers’ eight years of exceptional scholarly work at edCount – including development of project instruments, publication of peer-reviewed papers, and delivery of conference presentations — and her leadership within the company – including project management, management of grants and contracts, and oversight of partnerships. In her new role, while continuing to manage multiple projects, Dr. Summers will assume a broader corporate leadership role, helping to shape edCount’s growth and development over the coming years. Congratulations, Liz!