In February 2014, edCount joined forces with ICF and DataSmith Solutions through the Regional Educational Laboratories Mid-Atlantic to launch the Longitudinal Data Use Research Alliance (LDURA). LDURA consists of representatives from state and local education agencies in the mid-Atlantic states and other stakeholders who have a significant interest in data use. edCount guides the alliance in maximizing the use of longitudinal data in the region by facilitating collaboration among participants to review, discuss, implement, and disseminate innovative uses for longitudinal data at the state and local level. edCount and LDURA use research and applied analytics to discover useful performance indicators and trends that improve common practices, programs, or behaviors that affect student achievement.

LDURA follows edCount’s 2013 REL-MA Data Governance Workshop Series, solidifying edCount’s status as a trusted leader in longitudinal data use.

For more information on how edCount and LDURA are building data capacity across the mid-Atlantic region, visit the LDURA website by clicking here.