On November 13, 2014, edCount and REL Mid-Atlantic collaborated with Jim Popham to present the webinar Using Instructionally Sensitive Assessments to Measure Teacher Effectiveness. This webinar was the 8th and final webinar of the Teacher Effectiveness Webinar Series, which was organized and supported by edCount and REL Mid-Atlantic throughout 2014. This series was designed to increase participants’ understanding of issues surrounding teacher effectiveness in a way that will enable them to share, apply, or implement their increased knowledge in their classroom, school, or district. Other presenters featured in the series included Margaret Heritage, Eric Hanushek, and Jim Knight. For more information about the series and to download recordings of the 2014 webinars, click here.

Throughout 2014, edCount and REL Mid-Atlantic also spearheaded the Ask an Expert online chat series, which provided stakeholders in the Mid-Atlantic region opportunities to converse with experts and colleagues on topics within the field of teacher effectiveness. For more information about the Ask an Expert series and to download recordings of past chats, click here.