In 2018, edCount and our partner, Measurement Incorporated, won a five-year project to develop and support the administration of the Louisiana LEAP Connect Assessment System for students with significant cognitive disabilities in English language arts, mathematics, and science. This work includes the development of assessment frameworks and items, item content and bias reviews, field testing, test form development, data reviews, standards validation, and technical reporting. edCount will be providing content, accessibility, assessment design, and assessment evaluation expertise related to alternate assessments for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities. edCount will ensure coherence among assessment system components and alignment to the assessment claims and measurement constructs. In the first year of the project, edCount has supported the development and analysis of the item bank, the development of assessment guides with sample test items and assessment frameworks, and the prioritization of the science content standards for assessment. edCount will also write items for the new fully operational science test in 2021, as well as provide guidance and support for scoring and reporting of writing performance task items.