In a press release dated April 16, 2015, The Learning Accelerator, an education non-profit focusing on implementing blended learning, announced edCount as one of ten curriculum developers selected to create rapid prototype units for the K-12 OER Collaborative. The K-12 OER Collaborative is an initiative led by 12 states and numerous nonprofit organizations aimed at creating free, high-quality open educational resources for K-12 English language arts and mathematics. The Collaborative selected edCount to develop a prototype unit for the ELA K-2 curriculum.

To complete this work, edCount has partnered with educational technology firms Educational Systemics and Clarity Innovations. This team will work closely to develop a rigorous, Common Core State Standards-aligned, blended learning curriculum, which will include a bank of differentiated and interactive activities aimed at meeting the diverse needs of all learners. The resources created under the K-12 OER Collaborative will be available for anyone to freely and legally use, adapt, and redistribute.

edCount is thrilled to take part in this important work, which will provide teachers with dynamic and easily-modifiable resources to help customize instruction to meet the needs of all students. edCount brings expertise in curriculum development, standards implementation, assessment alignment, and differentiated instruction to this project.

To read The Learning Accelerator press release click here. For more information about the K-12 OER Collaborative, click here.